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June Autograph Fishing Report: Ali Passes; Catch of the Day: Jim Morrison

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What's Going On In The Deep Waters of The Vast Autograph Ocean

In a monthly post I will try to go over some things observed in the industry. Feel free to comment, agree or disagree. Some points may have been discussed prior as this will be weekly touching only the main issues in the autograph universe.

For the month of June 2016: Ali passes. This is obviously the big news of the week. How will the market react? Many see his items like Mantle, but as a free signer his whole life, what will we see of his items moving forward?

Personally I believe the vintage items will retain & increase in value, while the sad scribbles will drop. With dealers having thousands of chicken scratch type autographs from Ali, these will flood the market. Vintage & quality are always key to a growing collection no matter the platform.

Where do you see Ali's autograph in 6 months opposed to 5 years from now?
How will you remember the Champ? Many of us have met him & enjoyed his personable nature, share your experience!

Featured Catch of The Month:

A full name Jim Morrison autograph. Easily one of the toughest Music autographs in the Hobby. Share your Morrison/ The Doors Autograph!